Q: Are Winged Heart glass items likely to get broken in transit by post?

A: We don't get many breakages at all because we have taken trouble to pack them as well as we can, to try to ensure that they get to their destinations safely. Firstly, every item has its own individual protective gift box, very attractive, yes, but also very protective. Then when we put an order in the post we use bubble wrap and export quality cartons. We can't guarantee that no breakages will occur, but if they do we will replace items notified to us by email within 7 days of arrival at destination. It is very unusual for more than one item to get damaged in transit, so if this happened we may ask you to send back them back for inspection at our cost, so that we can check why this happened and try to improve things, if it is something we can do.

So, we hope this may reassure you. Breakages don't happen much, even though our things are made of glass. So, shop with confidence!.

Q: Why are your shipping rates overseas so high?

A: Our mirror products are quite heavy for their size - glass, metal and lead are used in their production, and we use good protective packaging. We always send by Air Mail to ensure a quick delivery and this is expensive. We also include signed for services as standard in our charges. So I am afraid that all though we only charge shipping at the cost we are charged by the post office, it ends up being a bit more expensive than we would like. But if you would like to have something unusual and of lasting value we hope you will think it is worth it.

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