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Winged Heart
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.Mackintosh Designs may not be reproduced without written permission. All rights reserved. Mackintosh Copyright Winged Heart/DML/MAE 1995/2010

Index Pages Mackintosh Slimline Mirrors £25 Plus postage and packaging

A lovely collection of Mackintosh Slimline Gift Mirrors by Winged Heart.

They are 17.25" long by 4.25" wide (437 x 116mm), and elegantly boxed in black and silver, making them ideal gifts for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, as well as unique home decorations.

The innovative artistic work of Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh in the early 1900's has given us now the inspiration to create designs for these very special 'Slimline' decorative Mirrors.

Please select from the range below.

Bud & swirls - Ivory
Mackintosh Mirror
two buds - turquoise
two buds - mauve
two buds - black & frost
two buds - pink
Mackintosh 'Rose & Lattice' Pink
Mackintosh' Rose & Lattice' Blue
Mackintosh 'Rose & Lattice' Red & Ivory
Mackintosh 'Rose and Leaf' 'White & Pink
Mackintosh 'Rose & Leaf' White & Mauve
Mackintosh 'Rose & Leaf' Pink & Ivory
'Bud & Swirls' Frost & Deep Red
'Bud & Swirls' Golden Brown
Mackintosh 'Two Buds' Green & Turquoise
'Bud & Swirls' Amethyst & Ivory
'Bud & Swirls' Red Gold & Fog Grey
Mackintosh Triangles Gold
Mackintosh 'Triangles' Opal and Black
Mackintosh 'Triangles' Red and Frost
Mackintosh 'Triangles'
Cerise and Black
Mackintosh 'Two Buds' Mauve & Pink
Mackintosh 'Two Buds' Black & Frost
Mackintosh 'Two Buds' Marbled lilac
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Click here for 'Rose & Lattice' More Colours
Click here for 'Rose & Leaf' More Colours
Click here for 'Bud & Swirls' More Colours
Click here for 'Triangles' More Colours
Page 1
Rose & Lattice - Purple Passion
Mackintosh 'Rose & Lattice' Purple Passion
Rose & Leaf - Green
Mackintosh 'Rose & Leaf' Irridescent & Green
Click here for 'Two Buds ' More Colours
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