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Winged Heart
7, The Old Brewery, Brampton, Cumbria. CA8 1TR. United Kingdom.
tel: +44 (0)1697 72166. fax: +44 (0)1697 73589

.Mackintosh Designs may not be reproduced without written permission. All rights reserved. Mackintosh Copyright Winged Heart/DML/MAE 1995/2010

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With so many weddings taking place, it can be hard to find something that is truly different and worthwhile to give as unusual wedding presents and gifts.

We believe that our hand crafted Mackintosh decorative mirrors and Minimalist contemporary mirrors are just such worthwhile and unusual wedding presents, and at reasonable prices.

In their individual black and silver gifts boxes they are not only sure to receive a first, good reaction, but also give lasting pleasure over the years that follow.

We offer a gift wrapping message service.

Budgets for all Occasions

Budget comes into it, of course, and we have well-priced smaller 'slimline' mirrors for as little as £25, but even the other more expensive styles are still very well priced, and would make very suitable wedding presents for all those involved. 


What kind of tastes do they have?

Consider the person or persons for whom you are intending to buy gifts and presents:

- are they perhaps more traditional or modern in outlook and style (perhaps even contemporary?), especially concerning home decoration?

- do you think they would be more inclined towards stylish blacks and ivory colours; or more traditional, homely browns? Or are they instead more into purple and mauve shades; or do they wear greeney, grey or blue colourings?

Once you have thought about the tastes for styles and colourings the person likes, it will make it much easier to select from the appropriate designs we offer.


How to Choose

May we now suggest that you return to the best place on our website to view these different styles and colourings, the Small Mirror Index Pages, either for

Mackintosh small mirror designs

Minimalist small contemporary mirror designs

Weddings are feminine occasions par excellence, and it is often called 'The Bride's Day'.

We hope you enjoy looking through our styles of mirrors and designs, all created and hand made by us here at Winged Heart Stained Glass, in the borders of Scotland and Cumbria.


Selecting appropriate Wedding Gifts 

Unusual Wedding Gifts
It goes without saying that almost any of our Mackintosh and Minimalist mirrors would make someone a superb and much appreciated gift. Really you are spoilt for choice!

However, it is such a personal thing, choosing a very special gift for someone, so we may need your help a little.